New Home Warranty Inspections

New Home Warranty Inspections

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Before you take possession of your new home, your builder is required to conduct a pre-delivery inspection, or PDI. A PDI is one of your first opportunities to view your completed home. Your builder will guide you through a comprehensive inspection and may demonstrate how to operate the home’s systems such as the ventilation, plumbing and heating.​

Any item that is damaged, incomplete, missing or not operating properly should be noted on the builder’s PDI Form to verify that these conditions existed prior to occupancy. If something has not been installed or completed, this should be noted as well.  When the inspection is over, you or your designate will be asked to sign the PDI Form.

The PDI provides an opportunity to record your home’s condition before you move in. Any issues should be noted on a PDI Form and ideally your builder will correct them right away. The PDI Form does not represent a request for warranty service, so if you fail to note an item this does not necessarily impact your warranty coverage. However, if the problem concerns a damaged or missing item, it may be difficult to establish that this condition existed before you moved in if it is not noted on the PDI Form.

NOTE: The PDI form is not the same as a Statutory Form, such as the 30-Day or Year-End Form. It is simply a formal record of your new home’s condition before you moved in and will be used by Tarion as a reference for assessing future statutory warranty claims. You must use a Statutory Warranty Form to initiate the Statutory Warranty Process with Tarion. Any items listed on the PDI Form that have not been repaired or otherwise resolved should be listed on the 30 Day Form.


30-day Inspection

Use the 30-Day form to notify Tarion of outstanding warranty items during the first 30 days of possession of your new home. We recommend you fill out and submit a 30-Day Form on or about the 25th day after your home’s date of possession. On this Form, you may include items that were listed on your Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Form that have not yet been addressed, as well as new items that have been discovered since taking possession.

Tarion will only accept and act on the first 30-Day Form that is properly submitted to them on time, and only one 30-Day Form may be submitted.


Year-End Inspection

Use the Year-End Form to notify Tarion of outstanding warranty items during the last 30 days of the first year of possession of your home.

You may submit only one Year-End Form, so make sure it is complete. Train will only accept and act on the first Year-End Form that has been properly transmitted to them.


But why use a Home Inspector?

A PDI walkthrough can be overwhelming. Your new home has just been completed (hopefully) and this is the first time you walk through it and see all your wishes realized. It can be hard for the homeowner to be impartial and look at damage/missing items and know if something has been installed incorrectly. A Home Inspector can provide that impartial eye and help you document everything that is not as it should be.

Further to the PDI, there is a 30-day, Year-End and 2 year Warranty Form that needs to be filled out where you make note of all visible deficiencies and perhaps even items that have not been fixed since the PDI. We can help you keep track of the outstanding items, as well as provide a quick review of you home and making sure no new items have popped up.

A HomeCheck New Home Warranty Contract will ensure you will not miss these milestones and any issues you have with your home. We will come by four times: at PDI, 30-days, Year-End and 2 Year, and guide you through the each of the required forms for New Home Warranty. We will keep track of items that need to be corrected and make sure they are done correctly or properly documented if not.


A New Home Warranty Inspection covers these four areas:

Exterior Cladding, Exterior Trim, Grading
Brick, stucco, vinyl/aluminum/wood siding, caulking, grading & sod

HVAC including Heating, Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation
Furnaces, hot water heaters, air conditioners, heat recovery ventilator (HRV). Locate manuals, shut of valves and switches.

Kitchens, Bathrooms & Laundry Rooms
Countertops, cabinets & drawers, appliances, toilets, sinks, shower/tub

Interior Items: Structure, Floors, Walls, Doors, Windows, Stairs and Closets
Structure, hardwood, carpet, ceramic, drywall finish, doors, windows, stairs & closets


New Home Inspection Pricing

We charge our regular fee ($450 house/$250 condo) for each inspection. The fees are due on the day and time of the inspection and can be paid in cash, credit card, Apple Pay, Android Pay or EFT. HST is extra.


Erwin Gerrits, CPI, is a Certified Professional Inspector®, and has completed Carson Dunlop’s Home Inspection Program with Honours at Algonquin College.